I want to display [Create Andriod Project] after clicking [Start a new Andriod Studio Project] in Andriod studio.

For some reason, [Create-] is not displayed and [Select a Project Template] is displayed.


Added SDK Platforms SDK Tools and SDK Tools tabs while reading books. (I don't even know if this setting is relevant at all)

By the way,
[Andriod SDK Build-Tools], [Andriod Emulator], [Andriod SDK Platforms-Tools], [Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer)] are installed.

I also wanted to install [Andriod SDK Tools], [ConstraintLayout for Andriod], [Solver for ConstraintLayout], [Andriod Support Repository], [Google Repository], but couldn't find it.

Supplementary information (FW/tool version, etc.)

Version 3.6.2.
By the way, the sample of the book was Version3.0.

It is my first time to ask a question, and I think it is very difficult to read, but I hope you can answer!

  • Answer # 1

    Various changes have been made in various places as the version of Android Studio rises. The only thing that became [Select a Project Template] instead of [Create Andriod Project] was "it did so in the current Android Studio". This does not mean that the screen does not change.

    Many other things have changed compared to 3.0, so if you try to follow the book, you may get stuck in various places. Even if the screen looks a little different, I think that it is necessary to have a feeling of accepting it by simply swiping "that kind of thing". Also, a certain function may have been moved to a completely different place, so in such a case, finding out by searching etc. will also be required as one skill. (The search box that appears when you press Shift twice is a useful function in such a case, and you can find candidates by entering the function name or item name.)

    Still, if the screen configuration is not the same as the book, if there is a problem with learning, you can get the past version from the following page. Downloading 3.0 here and aiming at reading the book is one way.

    Android Studio download archives