As the title says, InstantRun is not working well in Android Studio.
I think it hasn't worked since I put the ButterKnife library a while back.
(Maybe because of my mind)
I haven't been benefiting from InstantRun for over a year now and it's a full build, and I want to fix it. .
What are the possible causes?

I will list the information about that part.
If i have any questions such as "You should also include this information!", Please let us know.

・ Android Studio version is 3.2.1
-Gradle version is 4.6 (according to the official target 2.0.0 or higher)
・ MinSdkVersion is API21, TargetSdkVersion is API28
・ The following libraries are used

・ Instant Run settings are as follows

・ Gradle settings are as follows

・ Compiler settings are as follows

If there are any points that you notice, we would appreciate it if you could point us out.

Addendum: Perhaps the APK file name that is generated has a date and time dynamically added. Is it possible that this is related? The following is the Gradle of the app.