When making screen transitions using "Cross Dissolve"? I want to manage to be able to see through the View in for a moment.
I am fading out the View that is being displayed and fading in the View that is the transition destination, so I can understand the reason why the View below is transparent, but I want to do something visually ...

Is there any clever solution ...

I have never created my own animation Segue (sweat)

If there is a recommended method that can be easily implemented, or a method for creating your own Segue, please teach.

Supplemental information (FW/tool version, etc.)


  • Answer # 1

    storyboardYou might be pulling the arrow above to make a transition, but if you feel dissatisfied with a ready-made item, what if you could adopt a transition method in code?

    swift +Custom transition Information will come out if you search with.
    It's not that difficult, and it gives you a lot of freedom when you understand it.

    If you are dissatisfied, I recommend it.