About Bash version upgrade

I am thinking about upgrading Bash, the result of checking on the net

  1. How to install a new bash with Homebrew
    brew install bashso/ usr/local/bin /Install and register bash on

  2. How to apply a patch and upgrade the version of bash originally used

I found that there are two,
I'm not sure which is the best way.

Where are you guys doing?
If there are some disadvantages, please let me know.

  • Answer # 1

    It's my personal preference, but I recommend installing the Homebrew version of bash.

    ・ If possible, OS standard commands (such as bash, ruby, rails, python, etc.)
    It is better not to touch it. (I am not sure what side effects will occur if I modify it)
    ・ The Homebrew version can be used by general users. (No need for root or sudo)
    ・ If you don't like the Homebrew version of the command, just uninstall it
    And so on?

    Please listen to the opinions of others.