I made a tweet using the Twitter API, but I deleted the tweet made from the program side by accessing Twitter from the browser, but even if I delete it, the phenomenon that the tweet is posted again occurs I lost it.
The corresponding code is below.

from twitter import Twitter, OAuth
t = Twitter (auth = OAuth (access_token, access_token_secret, api_key, api_secret))
text = ('tweet. \ n' + input_tweet_date + '\ ntweet. \ n')
statusUpdate = t.statuses.update (status = text)

Even if you delete the tweet from the browser side, it will be posted again after tens of seconds.
Currently,text = ('tweet. \ n' + input_tweet_date + '\ ntweet. \ n')Part of heretext = ('')In this way, it is the situation to prevent the phenomenon that is posted by emptying and executing the script.
I don't know why a tweet is re-posted when I delete it, so I would appreciate your advice.

The version of python is "Python 3.6.9".