I want to return to the previous page by pressing the save button of the image above and reload automatically.

Press the save button to return to the previous page, but it will not be updated until you press the reload button or slide up or down.



Applicable source code
//McodeDialog.xaml.cs from here
private void Savebtn_Clicked (object sender, EventArgs e)
        McodePage mcode = new McodePage ();
//McodePage.xaml.cs Fly over here and execute
public McodePage ()
            InitializeComponent ();
            BindingContext = this;
            ShowList ();
            LoadLargeCategories ();
What I tried

No response when looking over personal or Microsoft sites

  • Answer # 1

    NavigationPageIf you are doing page transition inNavigation.NavigationStackFrom the previous pageMcodePageCan get All you have to do is call the process to update the screen with the acquired instance.

    var index = Navigation.NavigationStack.Count-2;
    var mcodePage = Navigation.NavigationStack [index] as McodePage;
    // something update
    mcodePage.LoadLargeCategories ();
    Navigation.PopAsync ();