I'm trying to create an instance by installing the latest version of mastodon on Amazon EC2.

Reference site: https://qiita.com/shibafu/items/6f3646115acc16c748ad
I was proceeding as described on the above site,

sudo docker-compose run --rm web rake secret

I tried to generate a key to set it in .env.production as


Gem :: LoadError: You have already activated rake 12.3.3, but your Gemfile requires rake 13.0.1. Prependingbundle exec to your command may solve this.
  /opt/mastodon/config/boot.rb:3:in' /opt/mastodon/config/application.rb:1:inrequire_relative '
  /opt/mastodon/config/application.rb:1:in' / opt/mastodon/Rakefile: 4: in'

The above error occurred and I could not proceed.
How can I avoid this error? please tell me.

amazon's ec2 instance t2-micro
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS \ n \ l
mastodon: latest