I ran this sample code on the emulator, but even if I press the start button, it just says [startGPS], and when I move, the latitude and longitude are not displayed. Since the site says that it will be executed on a real machine, will it work properly only on a real machine?

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    First, press the button at the bottom of the bar that appears next to the emulator. Then the Extended controls screen will appear. There is a control item on the left side, but when you display it, Location should be selected. Google Map is embedded in the screen on the right, and you can move the map and point to the point. If you press the SET LOCATION button at the bottom right while pointing, the LocationListener of the created application should receive the coordinates.


    With the above method, you need to press the SET LOCATION button for each point, but you can create a file in the GPS Logger save format GPX format or KML format or obtain it from the net, IMPORT GPX/By importing with the KML button, the coordinates can be read in time series. For example, you could use the data available on such sites.