Language: Swift5
Xcode version: 11.1
I am a beginner with 2 months of experience as a programmer.
I'm afraid it may be difficult to understand, but thank you.

I want to achieve

The button is displayed on the final page of the tutorial screen that appears when the app is started for the first time.
I want to be able to transition to the first screen by pressing that button,
I'm in trouble because I can't find an event to do that.

Current state

Create a view controller for tutorial with xib file,
It is shown by viewDidAppear in the view controller of the first screen.
You can confirm on the actual device up to the point where the tutorial made with ScrollView is displayed when the application starts.

  // Action connection for the next button to be displayed only on the last page
    //Press this to move to the first screen
    @IBAction func nextButton(_ sender: Any) {
Supplementary explanation

The above code has an action connection to the view controller in the tutorial
UIButton. I don't know what to write in this, so I am in trouble.
It may be difficult to understand, but I would appreciate your kind understanding.


In the button method of ViewController in the tutorial,
When I tried to show the view controller on the first screen,
I found nil in the webView in the view controller on the first screen.