There was a message to upgrade with flutter, so in the terminal

flutter upgrade

When I run

Your flutter checkout has local changes that would be erased by upgrading.If I want
to keep these changes, it is recommended that you stash them via "git stash" or else
If it is okay to remove local changes, then commit the changes to a local branch.
re-run this command with --force.

You will get the above warning. I'm not sure about git, so I don't understand the meaning of the warning, but
What should i do?

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    You may find this article helpful.


    Perhaps the question I asked may be helpful (I talked lightly in the conversation with the respondents)
    https://StackOverflow.com/questions/269765 2020/06/15 21:10.

    For the time being, I recommend trying from the top article.

    In the terminal of Android Studio
    flutter upgrade --force
    If so, you should be able to upgrade, but force is kind of scary...