After starting tightvncserver on raspberrypi (sudo tightvncserver),
After rebooting, the login screen came out as shown in the image.

I can't help it,
I don't remember setting the user ID, but with the initial user of Razpi, "pi"
Despite entering the password I have been using
"Invalid password. Please enter again"
Will come out.

I'm worried that I can't use Razpai at all, and I can't use all the data up to now.

Could anyone please tell me?

This is rasbian jessie.

Thanks for your consideration.

Addendum 1:
Since the user ID and password have not changed from the beginning,
ID: pi

If i enter, the application will be accepted for a moment, but after the screen refreshes, the login screen will appear again.

Addendum 2:
It seems that there are similar cases, the following URL
I referred to this.
Start the terminal with Crl+Alt+F1,
``sudo chown pi.pi ​​~pi/.Xauthority''
I entered, but this time, it does not even go to the login screen and it stops at a black screen. ..

  • Answer # 1

    I didn't even go to the login screen, so I ended up reinstalling.

  • Answer # 2

    You can log in using ssh or virtual console, right?

    Maybe the password on the screen presented is not the password you normally use to log in, but the password that is managed separately by the VNC server.

    I forgot the VNC password of the Raspberry Pi, so change it-Android memo etc.
    What happens when I set a password with the vncpasswd command and enter the password set there with reference to?