The attached image is a google news headline stuck in Chrome.
There are the following lines,
Looking at this, there are multiple Style Classes from gb_sa to gb_ta.

For example, when trying to apply Style from Class to this news (Header),
How should I get the items and apply the Style?
Specify .gb_sa.gb_2a.gb_7e.gb_2d.gb_3d.gb_ta and apply.
Or, apply to individual Class name such as .gb_sa or .gb_ta.
Alternatively, select and specify an arbitrary Class name for each case and apply.

I don't understand the basics of the style sheet.
Can you tell me how to see if you have multiple class names?

Supplementary information

The google news screen was released as a sample, but it is actually assumed to be used with Wordpress.

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    I'm not sure what it means to "select and specify any Class name for each case", but if you write a selector that corresponds to at least one class, the rule will be applied Yeah.

    If the main question is "case by case," I'm sorry.
    You may be able to answer by adding a little more specific question.

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    If it says that it is applied in such a rule if it is basic,

    CSS Basics-HTML Quick Reference

    CSS reverse lookup reference (property dictionary by purpose) -HOME PAGE ZERO guide-

    How is it?