### What does return mean?

I am a super beginner.
I am studying with "Install your name in the first HTML#02 browser" of dot installation.
I made an index.html file with visual studio code and said "Let's return" on the explanation screen, and when I do some work (return), it seems that index.html appears on the right screen, but "Return" I do not understand the meaning of, and no matter what I press, it cannot be displayed on the right side. I searched a lot, but it didn't hit... I would like to know (>_<). .. Other work should be done smoothly.

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    Do you want to display the name in the first HTML#02 browser of dot installation?
    Be sure to provide this kind of information because you will not know what you are referring to unless you specify it in the question text.

    You should create a file called index.html, not a folder.
    You may be pressing the icon next to it.
    I think that "return" here means "press the enter key to confirm the file name".
    I just read the transcription without listening to the sound, but I think there is no doubt in this part because it says "Let's give it as a return."

    Image description
    I borrowed an image

    * Supplement
    The video is like operating on a mac. For mac, the enter key is sometimes called the return key.
    I think that the enter key and the return key are the same at present.
    I don't know the questioner's environment, but the "Cmd" key on Mac is "Ctrl" on Windows, so you need to replace that part.

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    I understand the desire to display the index.html file with visual studio code.

    Ignore VSCODE once

    If you double-click the saved file, it may or may not be displayed.

    There are many things to verify before asking a question.

    I can't answer because it is too basic.

    What is described in index.html, vs vs default setting?

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    After all, it was as you pointed out, it was my misunderstanding. I'm sorry.
    I was able to understand it with the image of dit. Thank you to everyone who responded (>_<).

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