Thanks for your support.

In Windows, when I want to copy the path of a file or folder, it is normal to hold down the Shift key and right-click the item and select "Copy Path".

We need to do a lot of this "copying of paths" in our daily work, and I am wondering if there is a faster method than the above. The above method uses both hands, right-clicking will only take a while until the menu appears, and depending on the type of file, there are many items in the context menu and it is necessary to scroll the menu.

I'm thinking of assigning a keyboard shortcut such as F13 + P (which is P in the path) that does not batting to the buttons of a multi-function mouse and the keyboard shortcut executes some script. ..

For example, if you can start a batch file etc. and pass the selected file as an argument, I think that it can be solved by putting the full path to that file in the clipboard, but you can write a specific program. I don't know if it should be done

I want to borrow your wisdom.

Windows 10 Pro 64bit