I want to perform serial communication with two Windows PCs for one RaspberryPi4B, but I am not sure how to do it well.
For serial communication, I would like to perform serial communication using Bluetooth with rfcomm.
The communication protocol is wireless serial communication using rfcomm.
What I'm actually trying to do is get an RSSI for a Windows PC that has a Bluetooth connection and want to create one that sends specific data to the one with the higher RSSI.
I am able to perform serial communication with one PC, but I do not know how to communicate with two PCs at the same time.

  • Answer # 1

    You can open the second and subsequent ports by specifying with rfcomm

  • Answer # 2

    Basically, serial communication is a one-to-one communication format.

    What kind of wiring do you do between Raspberry Pi and Windows 2 and what protocol do you use for communication?
    Let's explain in detail here and there

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