We are developing using php and laravel.
I want to include a module or library called OAuth, but is it possible to use composer?
I found that it can be done by using pecl, but I would like to do it only with composer because the construction procedure will increase.

The question was ambiguous, so I will add it.
For some reason, I'm told to use OAuthProvider::generateToken in OAuth, so I'm wondering if I can use the module referenced below.

As a result of various investigations, I found an introduction method using pecl, but I would like to know if compser can be used.

↓ OAuth reference

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    If LAuth is OAuth in Laravel, Socialite is what you really need...
    I'm making a fundamental mistake in the information I'm looking at when I'm going to pecl.

    To solve a question, you have to write what you want to do in the first place.