Development environment

OS: macbookPro macOS Catalina

and what I want to ask

When you tap each item in the list list implemented in RecyclerView
I want to transit from the list to the detail page and display the text and image displayed for each item in the list on the detail page in detail.

What was done

I got the position of each item, and when I clicked the item, I was able to go to the detail page and display the text.

Things you can't do

The image displayed on the list page cannot be displayed as it is on the detail page.

What I tried

Implemented RecyclerView on the list screen.
I was able to get each position in the list on this list screen.
When transiting to the detail screen, pass the key and value with putExtra, and on the detail screen,
The text is displayed.
Since text is a character string, it is possible to display the text information passed as it is,
I am having trouble because I do not know how to pass the image as it is and display it.

I searched for reference materials, but couldn't find materials for the implementation I was expecting.

Please let me know how to implement and reference materials. Thank you.

  • Answer # 1

    It was solved by receiving the value with getIntExtra.