I made the one created with rails6 (using devise and active admin) on the production environment with heroku.

In the production environment, the original domain is used and SSL can be set.
The redirect setting of herokuapp.com and the redirect of http → https can also be done, and the site itself can be displayed without causing an error.

When registering as a member in the production environment, the email on devise does not arrive.
When I checked it, the following site seemed to be helpful, so I was trying to add Sendgrid, but the command to add Sendgrid gives an error.

Reference site:https://qiita.com/wtb114/items/176c19bd9caff0893d7c

Command to add Sendgrid

$heroku addons:add sendgrid:starter

The error details are as follows.

An error was encountered when contacting the add-on partner to create sendgrid:starter. Please try again later.

How can I use email with devise in production?

  • Answer # 1

    Isn't the SendGrid account frozen? If you haven't checked it, check the SendGrid user ID and password on Heroku to see if you can log in to the SendGrid site.
    When I added the SendGrid addon, my SendGrid account was automatically frozen and I couldn't use it.
    If it is frozen, please contact US SendGrid support to have it frozen.

  • Answer # 2

    I was in the same situation until yesterday. But when I ran the command again this morning, it worked. The contributor may also try again.

  • Answer # 3

    Does the following not help?

    Rails Tutorial Chapter 11 Solve the SendGrid Freezing Problem-Qiita

  • Answer # 4

    Many similar phenomena have been seen recently

    It's not an essential solution, but you may want to try again later

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  • Answer # 5

    How to send email in Heroku+SendGrid+Rails6 (devise) production environment

    This solves it!