I want to achieve and what is happening

I am trying to deploy to AWS by referring to the site of https://qiita.com/naoki_mochizuki/items/814e0979217b1a25aa3e.
Cooperation with git, clone of application git clone [email protected]:~~An error will occur in the ~~ part.

error contents What I tried

I tried to change the URL by referring to the following questions and sites, but the error content did not change.

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    The last Github documentation presented is as follows:

    If you update to use HTTPS, the URL will look like this:
    If you update to use SSH, the URL will look like this:
    [email protected]: USERNAME/REPOSITORY.git

    [email protected]:If it starts with, it's ssh, so it's a user name.Taishi-ItoIsn't it from?

    The method you tried is a mixture of https and ssh specification methods.