What I tried

I wanted to use OpenCV on Android Studio, so I tried it while reading the article.
But,Import moduleWhere I tried to setModule nameWas not displayed.

I looked at various sites, but all of them had a Module name setting field, and I couldn't figure out how to set it if it wasn't there.
In the state of the imagefinishWhen I press, the name becomes sdk.


Module namePlease tell me how to set


Android studio 4.0.1
Windows 10

  • Answer # 1

    Certainly, you can not specify the name at the stage of Import Module. Specification change?

    After importing as it is, if you select Refactor → Rename (or F6 while pressing Shift) from the menu with the sdk line selected in the project tree, the module name change dialog will appear, but this will select Rename module and change it. However, nothing changes on the tree, and it seems that it will not be reflected on the tree unless the project is closed and reopened.

    But even though I chose Rename module, the directory name has changed, Android Studio is throwing an error, and it seems strange. I wonder if there is any bug.