windows10 PC use
Today, when I moved Android Studio from 3 to 4, the text editor disappeared.
You can also double-click a file from the file list in the folder tree on the left side of the screen.
Java, ndk related, gradle related files that should be in the project, in the center
Even if you drag and drop it to the area of ​​Search Everywhere etc.
The file does not open at all.

I also tried restarting invalidate caches and restarting the PC, but the symptoms are the same.

I'm in trouble because I haven't seen any stories of similar symptoms appearing even when I googled.

How can I open it?

  • Answer # 1

    When you first started Android Studio 4.0, you should have been prompted if you want to keep the 3.x settings. Why don't you try starting with a setting that does not take over?

    For WindowsC: \ Users \\. AndroidStudio4.0The folder is the folder where the settings etc. are stored. If you temporarily save this .AndroidStudio4.0 folder somewhere and then start Android Studio, the takeover dialog should reappear. If you select Do not import settings there, it will start without taking over.

  • Answer # 2

    Why don't you uninstall it and then reinstall it?