I decided to develop a GUI application for Windows.
Which language/framework do you recommend developing?

The delivery form is an executable file (exe format).
It is a small-scale business system that visualizes and edits csv files.

I usually use Python mainly, but
After investigating, it is not very common to exe the Python source,
I saw the description.

It may be difficult to narrow down to this, but
I would be grateful if you could tell us about recent trends and your tastes.

  • Answer # 1

    If I have the right to decide, it's .NET Framework + C #.
    The .NET Framework can be updated with Windows Update, and C # likes its type-strict and Java-like look.
    Whether the UI should be Windows Form or WPF should reflect the end user's taste.

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    If you just want to know the recommendations

    Not recommended questions

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    This is a question that corresponds to.
    If you can create a program that meets your needs, it should be the same no matter what you use.

    If you dare to answer if you want to know an alternative, then C # (WinForms or WPF).

    Since the operating environment is an OS made by Microsoft, it is quite natural to use a language made by Microsoft.
    In addition, there is a large amount of materials ranging from introductory level to advanced level, including official references.