How to publish an app made with Django.
As the title says, I didn't understand well even if I looked it up myself, so I asked a question.
I've published the site on WordPress, but it's the first time I've published something made from scratch like Django.

The site content is an Instagram-like site that specializes in categories that each user can post.

① Can it be published using a rental server? (X server, lollipop, etc.)
→ In terms of price, I would like to use lollipop.

② Which is recommended, heroku or rental server?
→ I would like to know about the price, difficulty of publication, security, etc.

③ I would like to know about sites where a series of procedures up to publication are published.

I'm an amateur, so I'm sorry if I'm asking a tongue-in-cheek question.
Thanks for your cooperation.

  • Answer # 1

    Heroku officially has steps

    If you dare to answer only about the difficulty levelHeroku officially prepares the procedureIt has been. However, it is said that it has already been searched, so you probably see the explanation, right? It's better to ask what you didn't understand, rather than asking without trying.
    Compared to a rental server, it has a habit, but I still want to use the service and the official procedure is prepared, so it is easier than searching for useful information from the online article of cobblestone mixing.

    So, for the comments written in the question correction column below

    I searched for "Django deployment" and "Django release procedure" and got search results, but I'm afraid to proceed without knowing ① and ②, so
    I thought that I should investigate ③ after understanding ① and ②, so I asked a question.

    I don't understand the meaning of scary.

    Security aspect
    I don't know what I care about vaguely, but I don't know what I'm scared of because I haven't written what I care about security. I have no idea what I'm scared of, but if you're curiousUpload the minimum Django program to your serverLet's see what happens (I don't know what you want to see)

    I don't understand the meaning of scary. Let's ask a question about the points that did not work based on the results of the search.

    Price side
    I don't understand the meaning of scary most.Lollipop, X server, and heroku are all priced on their respective sites, right? I don't think there is anything to worry about because it is not added to the blue ceiling like aws.
    I don't think WordPress is open to the public,Does that mean you don't want to pay any money?Even so, you can try it because the rental server has a trial period and Heroku has a free tier. Use the one you like.
    If you don't like even trials, give up on Django.