I am creating an application to enter 1 to 6 Pokemon data and register it as a party (group). Enter the required data and press the submit button to register the data.
To use two modelsfields_forUse the.

When I enter the required data, the following error occurs. I want to resolve this error.

▼ Development environment
Mac OS

Error message Applicable/related source code

▼ _party.html.haml

= form_with model: @party, local: true, class: "party-register" do | f |
      = f.fields_for: pokemons do | pokemon |
          -# ------------------------ 1st animal --------------------- --- #-
              = icon'fas','angle-double-down', class: "angle-double-down-icon"
                -# ---- Pokémon ---- #-
                    = pokemon.text_field: name, class: "form-name__input", maxlength: "6", type: "text", autocomplete: "off"
                -# ---- Nickname ---- #-
                    = pokemon.text_field: nickname, class: "form-nickname__input", maxlength: "12", type: "text", autocomplete: "off"
                -# ---- sex ---- #-
                    % select {name: "exp_gender", type: "text", class: "form-gender__input", id: "exp_gender"}% option {value: ""} ----
                      % option {value: "1"} ♂
                      % option {value: "2"} ♀
                      % option {value: "3"} Unknown
------------ Omitted ------------
    Party name
    = f.text_field: party_name, class: "party-name__input", maxlength: "6", type: "text", autocomplete: "off"
      = f.submit "register", class: "register-btn__text__submit"

▼ parties_controller

class PartiesController

▼ pokemon.rb

class Pokemon

▼ party.rb

class Party
Supplementary information

▼ About abbreviations
cs= Current statusCurrent status
bs= Base statusRace value
ev= Effort valueEffort value

▼ Reference article/question
I want to save data in multiple models
How to use fields_for well

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▼ Results of hypothesis and verification work
.require (: party)If i erase the description ofparty_nameIs saved, but no Pokemon information is saved ...

I took a peek at the verification toolnameOridTurned out to be different from that of the controller. This area is suspicious. (We also accept revisions to the view)
Stop thinking= pokemon.text_field: nameI am doing something like that, so I would appreciate it if you could teach me.

If i notice anything else, I would like to hear your opinions.

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    @ party.pokemon.buildDoes not cause an error ???
    @ party.pokemons.buildWhat will happen