We become indebted to.
This time, when I tried to install the game created with unity on my smartphone and built it with xcode, as the title says,
library not found for -l iPhone-lib
Will occur and it will not work.


I used to use xcode12, but I downgraded to xcode11 due to things like .dylib.
I plan to put it in iPhone SE.

Method 1 that tried to resolve the error but could not

① When you try to build,

I get an error like this.
② When I searched on the net,

It was written that it would be good to delete these two files, so I tried it, but it still didn't work.

Method 2 that tried to resolve the error but could not

① Use cocoapods to open in .xcworkspace instead of .xcodeproj
→ After all, it was no good.

* Program mistakes were okay.
* Personally, I think "Method 1 that I tried to solve the error but couldn't do" is a big hint.

I referred to many other sites, but none of them worked.

We would appreciate it if you could give us some information, such as those who have experienced similar phenomena or those who are familiar with xcode.

  • Answer # 1

    When I referred to the request for addition/correction to tsuki01's question,
    It came to a solution.