I want to solve

I want to resolve the error statement
Error message "NoMethodError in Category # new"



class CategoryController</pre>
<pre><code data-language = "Ruby">= form_with model: @category, local: true do | f |
  = f.text_field: name, class: "SettingGroupForm__input", placeholder: "Please enter the category name"
  = f.submit "Save", class: "SettingGroupForm__button"


      Thing I want to do
      = link_to new_category_path (current_user) do
        = icon ('fas','plus')
      By the time you die
      what to do
      = link_to new_deadline_path (current_user) do
        = icon ('fas','plus')
      Within 1 month
  • Answer # 1

    As far as the situation is seen from the code and error fragmentsNot on the railsIt's in a state (out of the standard Rails way).

    If you want to get on the railsCategoryControllerToCategoriesControllerAnd routingresources: categoriesPlease pull with.

    If you want to proceed as it is, sendurlToform_withPlease specify manually.