I'm currently reading a book called Deep Learning by ian Goodfellow.

This was easy at the beginning, but it gets harder at around 150 pages
I don't go much.
Is this too high a level?
Create from scratch (1 and 2) and python machine learning programming
I read dolphin books and so on. I also read reference books such as Introduction to Optimized Mathematics and Statistics, Multivariate Analysis, and Bayes. Not perfect.

Currently, as a student, I can understand the basics of mathematics and statistics to some extent.
I am learning sets and topological spaces myself.

The question is, does it make sense to continue reading as it is? Please tell us the thoughts of the respondents.
(The meaning is actually the level of the person who reads this, etc.)

I also read some of the code. But even if you put the code
I wrote on the net that it didn't make much sense.
(If it doesn't make sense, you'll just write the code)

Should I do kaggle and other practical things?
I want to be
I want to be useful when I go to an internship or graduate school next year.
It has become longer.
Please tell me.