Currently, I am sharing on SNS using SLComposeViewController, but since it has become deplicate from ios11, I would like to replace it.
While looking at the behavior with various apps, I thought that the share of the following app called "Unlog" was good yesterday, but I am at a loss because I do not know what function this is implemented.

What library can this be used to achieve?

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    nowUIActivityViewControllerI think that it is often replaced with. The screenshot above is exactlyUIActivityViewControllerI think you are using.

    this isSLComposeViewControllerUnlike many optionsThe user selects and shares the destination to shareYou can.

    If you want to share only to a specific SNS, you need to use the SDK (if any) provided by the SNS or access the WEB API (if any) directly.

    By the way, as you mentioned above, Technology XXX (in this case,UIActivityViewController) Is abolished, and if you add the word "alternative" to the search word of a search engine like "XXX alternative", it will often be a hit.