Will Kotlin also appeal to Java's capabilities?

I know that Kotlin is the mainstream for creating Android apps, but I am currently creating Android apps in java.
There are two reasons,
・ I want to be assigned to or change jobs in a java project.
・ I simply want to create an app that I want to use
I'm wondering if I should recreate it if learning Kotlin still leads to Java evaluation.

  • Answer # 1

    Isn't there an option to "wear both"?

    Personally, I don't have the impression that "I can do Java" to people who say "I can do Kotlin!" (Because some people may come from Kotlin).
    I think Kotlin is Kotlin and Java is Java.
    It's not that Kotlin is bright, but it feels like I saw a comparative article, and it's a completely different thing.
    However, it seems that they are compatible, Java libraries can be used, interoperability is possible, and only a part of them can be adopted, so there may be "how much".
    There may be "what you want to do with Java" (like Kotlin, but part of what Android can do).

    However, I felt that PHP and Perl were still closer. (Although you can still PHP, so you can't Perl)