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rails server cannot start

[vagrant @ localhost sample_app] $rails server -b
rbenv: rails: command not found

The `rails' command exists in these Ruby versions: 2.5.7

[vagrant @ localhost sample_app] $

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I tried to install the version 2.5.7 in the message
Not found.
Is it because the version of ruby ​​is old?

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  • Answer # 1

    It means that rails is installed in ruby ​​2.5.7 which is versioned by rbenv.
    It seems that the version of ruby ​​currently running is different.

    As a temporary solutionbundle exec rails sCall rails described in Gemfile as
    Or./bin/rails sThere seems to be a way to call rails installed under ./bin.

    rbenv local 2.5.7There seems to be a way to change it to use ruby ​​2.5.7. (If you don't want sample_app to be used in a particular version)