What i don't understand

Although it is a title, the SNS currently targeted is a dating SNS that is not well known (I think) API is not provided, and it is automatically good by operating the click event of your own Javascript. I'm thinking about whether or not I can sleep. It doesn't matter if there is another way to realize automatic likes in Javascript.

This is an overview of the process
If i open my local XAMPP environment in my Google Chrome and click the "Auto Like Start" button, for example, it will be automatically from my PHP or Javascript to the SNS site opened in another tab of Google Chrome. I want to do something like start a like.
I don't know if it's possible to do that.
If there is another way, I would appreciate it if you could teach me.

I look forward to working with you.

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    I thought about it for a moment, but if it's something like "automatic browser operation", it's possible with Selenium.

    I'm not sure if Selenium meets your requirements in the first place, so check it out to see if it fits.
    However, since we cannot see the main purpose of "for what", it can be said that "even if it is technically possible, it should be stopped in terms of morals and rules".

    The SNS that we are currently targeting is a dating SNS that does not have an API (I think) and is not well known, and can we automatically like it by operating the click event of our own Javascript? please

    If that means "forcing the user to do something unintended", answer "don't do it".

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