When you start VSCode, a transparent screen will appear at first, and once you minimize it, it will become a black screen.

The delete and minimize buttons in the upper right will react even though they are not drawn.
I've been uninstalling and reinstalling many times, but it doesn't work.
I would appreciate it if you could tell me the solution.

VSCode version 1.49.3
windows version 1909

As you got the advice
I have uninstalled the current version intel HD Graphics using Device Manager.
And the latest version
I tried to update to, but I could not update even if I started the installation file.

So the driver
I had returned to, but I was able to work normally there.

I couldn't update to the latest version, but since VS Code is working now
I think it was good.

I am currently using a special computer called a surface laptop. Looking at the software called Intel Driver&Assistant, the graphic driver seems to have been modified by Microsoft, and it seems that it cannot be updated with the Intel driver installer.
The latest version of the driver is buggy, so I just hope that future Windows updates will install the latest version of the graphics driver. (w)
I hope it will be helpful for people who have bugs in the same environment.

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    It seems to be a window drawing problem, so it may be fixed by updating the graphic driver.