I want to operate from the outside even when the screen is closed.

I can do it normally with chrome remote desktop, but I do not know why chrome, but I can not connect if I have not accessed it for a while (of course I start it), so I thought I would take another measure, but the above reason Can't be used as a substitute.

The problem i am having

It seems that no control is accepted, or the screen is not updated

What I tried

RealVNC screen close does not workI can't find a case like that even if I search with. Maybe it's impossible in the first place?

Supplementary information 200419

The power settings are designed to continue working even when the cover is closed tightly.

I forgot the description and misunderstood it as such a low-level problem, so I'm sorry to trouble you.

Supplementary information 200422

I experimented with chrome remote desktop and VNC at the same time,
On the chrome remote desktop, it worked as it was even when the lid was closed,
The VNC became inoperable almost immediately after closing.
It has been confirmed that the screen has not been updated.
The cause is still unknown.