1. Number list ###

Write python code in Visual Studio code,
I want to run it without debugging
Cannot be executed.
When executed, Google Chrome will be launched and
"Unable to access this site. Connection refused on localhost."
It is written as.
How can I resolve this error?

Also ... If i click Execute without debugging,
"You need command line developer tools to run Python 3 commands.
Would you like to install the tool now? "
The question came up,
If i select "Install" and agree ...
"Because this software is not currently available from the Software Update Server.
Cannot be installed "is written.

How can I do it?
By the way, I'm using a MAC.
Thank you.

Please write your question in detail here.
(Example) I am making a ●● system with PHP (CakePHP).
■■ The following error message occurred while implementing the function.