No route matches [GET] "/ users"
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(Example) Made with ryby on rails
■■ The following error message occurred while implementing the function.
I want to go to the new registration screen, devise is included

Routing Error ``` Error message No route matches [GET] "/ users"

Corresponding source code

* Routes.rb * Rails.application.routes.draw do devise_for: users * `` `Ruby
root to: "prototypes # index

* Prototypes_controllerclass *
  `` `ruby
def index


 New user registration 
<% = devise_error_messages!%>
*<% = form_with model: @user, url: user_registration_path, local: true do | f |%>*


<% = link_to "login", new_user_session_path, class:: nav__btn%>
*<% = link_to "new registration", new_user_registration_path, class:: nav__btn%>*
List of routes
cancel_user_registration GET/users/cancel (.: Format) devise/registrations # cancel
new_user_registration GET/users/sign_up (.: format) devise/registrations # new
edit_user_registration GET/users/edit (.: format) devise/registrations # edit
user_registration PATCH/users (.: format) devise/registrations # update
PUT/users (.: format) devise/registrations # update
DELETE/users (.: format) devise/registrations # destroy
POST/users (.: format) devise/registrations # create
root GET/prototypes # index

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