In a spreadsheet that is in the same ID,
For example, I want to set the data of sheet A to be automatically copied to sheet B.
At that time,
(1) I want to copy the cell combination as it is.
(2) I want to copy the data at one line intervals on the A sheet and paste it at no intervals on the B sheet.

Is there a copying method that includes the above two conditions?

  • Answer # 1

    I don't know what kind of image "automatic" is, but
    If you create a script and set a trigger,

    If you run it (press the button) it will be copied

    Copied every hour

    Copied if edited

    Etc. can be set.

    By the way, if the rules for merged cells are fixed and the copy destination sheet B is for reference only,
    Prepare the merged cell on sheet B first,Referenced by functionThere is also a way to make it.

    If you try to record macros manually

    -For sheet A, copy the data at 1-row intervals, and for sheet B, paste without intervals.

    As a flow of, you can reduce the trouble of selecting line by line by using a filter as shown below.

    Select the range you want to copy on the A sheet (don't worry about every other line)

    Create a filter (filter is set in the top cell)

    Filter by condition>Select a custom formula
    If the lines you want to copy are even lines= MOD (ROW (), 2) = 0
    If the line you want to copy is an odd line= MOD (ROW (), 2) = 1
    And press OK

    Since it will be in the state of every other line, select the range and copy.

    Select the start cell of the range you want to paste the B sheet and paste it.