Recently I started studying javascript because I can move my website. Recently, I heard the opinion that jquery is obsolete and should not be studied, but I heard that studying jquery will deepen my understanding of javascript. I'm actually writing javascript somehow and want to catch up with understanding a little more, I'd like to study jquery in parallel because I want to study the implementation of animation, but studying jquery makes it easier to understand the structure of javascript Is not it?

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    Frankly speaking,Learn systematicallyif,





    Even if you don't learn jQuery, you can understand the following two points.

    Read jQuery official help

    Actually move and check

    I didn't learn jQuery systematically, but most APIs are now available.

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    Recently I started studying javascript because I can move my website.

    thisMovementIf that's about animation, it's a good idea to study CSS animation first.
    In the past, there was no CSS animation itself and you had to animate with JS or JQuery, but nowadays you can do a lot with CSS animation. It's lighter than JS and JQuery animations, so what you can do with CSS animations is becoming mainstream.

    However, since it is difficult to control the activation timing and combine complicated movements with CSS alone, the animation itself is often controlled by CSS, and the activation timing and multiple combinations are controlled by JS or JQuery.

    If I'm going to study JS or JQuery, I personally think that JS is fine.
    The advantage of jQuery is that even people who do not know JS can learn it relatively easily if they have knowledge of CSS and HTML, and that they can write code short and simple, but in the end, knowledge of JS is also required. I will.
    JS is evolving year by year, and the code can be written short and simple like jQuery.

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    I think that my thoughts have collapsed in various ways.

    I didn't feel like studying because I heard that jquery is going out of business these days and shouldn't be studied.

    If you think that opinion is "trustworthy," you don't need to study.
    At least if you don't need that knowledge right now.

    I heard that studying jquery will deepen your understanding of javascript.

    If so, was that opinion aimed at "people who are going to study"?
    If so, I think you should listen again if you think you can "trust" that opinion.

    Instead, it's possible that someone who learned when jQuery appeared in the past thought so, but in that case it's not a very meaningful word.

    If you say that, all extreme programmers have to start by studying 8-bit CPU instructions.

    I'm actually writing javascript somehow, I want to catch up with understanding a little more, I want to study animation implementation, so I'm thinking of studying jquery in parallel.

    This is also a funny story, and if you want to, study on your own rather than letting others make the decision.

    Will studying jquery make it easier to understand the structure of javascript?

    What is "javascript structure"? ?? ??

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    In reality, most people still use jQuery ...
    It is useless for beginners to see the lead group.
    By the time we catch up, the lead group has gone a long way and the first thing we did is old.