When the Raspberry Pi's camera detects motion, it automatically takes a picture and
I want to implement an app that displays the image in real time on the browser of the web app.

I don't know how to implement ② below, so I would like advice!

① Automatic shooting using the motion detection function (motion) with the Raspberry Pi camera
→ Image data is saved in the specified local folder.
(2) When it is automatically shot, it will be displayed in real time on the browser of the web application created with Rails.
→ I want to display a list of all images including past images.

Normally, when displaying an image on the app, the image data is saved under assets, but
This time, I want to display the image when it is added in the local folder in real time.

The problem i am having

Now that we have implemented the part that automatically shoots, we want to solve the part that is displayed in real time on the browser.
There was a function to be notified using the API of LINE and Slack, but
I would like advice because there was no description on how to display it on the web.

  • Answer # 1

    First, let's build a web application that displays a list of images in a local folder.
    Once that's done, all you have to do is detect that the image has been added.