◯ Current problems

Currently, when I try to use rails s, I get an error saying that the versions of yarn do not match, and I cannot do rails s.
I was told to update the yarn version, so I updated yar by myself with the yarn update command, but even if I rails s again, it did not start well and this time the following error statement was displayed. It was.

◯ Acting ingeniously for the problem

There is a problem on line 58 of the Gemfile tSTRING_BEG, expecting do or {'or'('
gem'tzinfo-data', platforms: [: mingw,: mswin, ... read here do or {'or' ('
gem'tzinfo-data', platforms: [: mingw,: I understand that I'm expecting mswin, but it doesn't work even if I enter all of them and then rails s
The following is the description in the Gemfile.


os is catalina and mac. The version will be 10.15.7.
Also, the operation so far
1rails new with app name (Muscle_trayning_check) and described later. -D mysql

2 Create database with rails db: create

Find and configure routes with the 3rails routes command

After using 4rails g controller (homes), I realized that it was difficult to manage them, and after that, I searched for multiple files created at the same time with the name home or the description of home with command f etc. Changed from home to post or posts or Post,

I created index.html and erb in the 5posts directory and entered a character string that can be identified as the top page.

6 I also created a mode as rails g model (post) in the terminal.

7 After that, I created a route to the top page.

This is all the work so far.

The terminal with the latest error statement below