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I want to post what I posted on the show page.

Error message ‘None`
### Corresponding source code "class LooksController</pre>
<p>Source code "new.html.erb"</p>
<pre><code><% = form_for @look do | f |%>
 <% = f.label: body%><br>
 <% = f.text_field: body,: size =>140%><br>
 <% = f.submit "post"%>

<% end%>

What I tried

I think that save is done, but there is a possibility that the information is not delayed well.
Since routes is resources: looks, I tried to play with path and def show, but nothing came out.

Supplementary information (FW/tool version, etc.)

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    I could go if I wrote the code reflected in index.html.