I'm making a simple Twitter-like app.
I want to display a list of user posts when transitioning to the user details page.
I want to call a partial template page using render and retrieve all posts for that user with the collection option.
The post is not displayed now as shown in the image below.

Corresponding source code

      <% = @ user.name%>
          <td><% = @ user.name%></td>
          <td><% = @ user.profile%></td>
          <td><% = @ user.occupation%></td>
          <th>Job title</th>
          <td><% = @ user.position%></td>
      <% = "# {@ user.name}'s prototype"%>
      <% # Display a list of prototype posts posted by that user with a partial template%>
      <% = render partial: "prototypes/prototype", collection: @prototypes%>

<% = link_to (image_tag prototype.image.variant (resize: '500x500'), class :: card__img), prototype_path (prototype.id), method:: get%>
  <% = link_to prototype.title, root_path, class:: card__title%>
    <% = prototype.catch_copy%>
  <% = link_to "by # {prototype.user.name}", root_path, class:: card__user%>
What I tried

Is there a partial path?

Supplementary information (FW/tool version, etc.)

Please provide more detailed information here.