I'm very sorry for the outline and elementary level.

On a site that has a database with nosql
The Input is csv, and it needs to be processed and held by nosql (json).

In this case, RDB (csv) → NOSQL processing/conversion is
Is it correct to understand that it corresponds to tool implementation etc.?

* Even if I try to google with related words, I can't find the information I want at all ... If I can't find the information,
In the first place, RDB → NOSQL processing and conversion is not done, and I think that the basic (... using NOSQL) level design is out of alignment.

Also, if you know anything about tools that are useful for data shaping of nosql (not limited to json), I would appreciate it if you could teach me.

Is the above understanding correct ...?
(It's fine, so please point out any differences or deficiencies.)

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    For example, using NoSQL MongoDB as an example, JSON data is input with the following Javascript.
    This is an example of inputting a document to the collection author.

    db.authors.insertMany ([{
      name: "Ryunosuke Akutagawa",
      birth: ISODate ("1892-03-01"),
      gender: "male"
    }, {
      name: "Edogawa Ranpo",
      birth: ISODate ("1894-10-21"),
      gender: "male"
    }, {
      name: "Akiko Yosano",
      birth: "1878-12-07",
      gender: "female"

    You can create a program that reads one line from the CSV file and converts it to the above JSON format.
    It shouldn't be difficult at the introductory level of programming.