I'm new to wordpress.
Since I am studying by myself, there are many ignorant parts and I often do not know the obvious, but I would appreciate it if you could teach me.

Server: Lollipop! Rental Server
wordpress version: latest
buddypress version: latest
Theme: Customfiy
Browser: chrome latest version
Other plugins: bbpress, amelia

The buddypress plugin feature, private messages are not available.

I have a buddypress plugin to create a community site.
Check the "Private Message" item in "Settings->buddypress->Components".

We have registered some users, the site permission group is a subscriber, and the forum permission group is a participant.
I am applying for and accepting friends among users.

In the above situation, if I want to send a private message to a friend or friend, select a specific friend from the "Friends" tab and click "Private Message" displayed under your username to return to your account page. I will end up.

When you return to your account page, "Messages" is selected, "Inbox", "Starred", "Sent", and "Configuration" are displayed at the bottom, and "Configuration" is selected.
However, I'm just selecting "Configure" and I don't see anything like a message submission form.

Since the domain I created first got into the above state, I got another original domain again, reinstalled wordpress, and installed the plugins in the order of amelia, bbpress, buddypress.
But now it's exactly the same.

I searched a lot on the net, but I couldn't figure out the cause and where to start, such as wordpress, buddypress settings, and theme compatibility.

Any hint or anything is fine, so I would appreciate it if you could give me a chance to find out and a solution.

Thanks for your support.

  • Answer # 1

    I moved the buddypress default theme folder to wp-content>themes and enabled it and it worked fine.