If I put the'omniauth-facebook'gem, do I need to install the'omniauth' gem?

I would like to implement facebook login and twitter login functions using devide.
I don't know if gem'omniauth' also needs to be installed.

If i need to install it, why
If i don't have to install it, could you please tell me why?

----- Gemfile -------------------------------------------- --------------------
gem'omniauth' #<------------ Do you need this?

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    omniauth-facebookIsomniauth-oauth2Depends onomniauth-oauth2IsomniauthBecause it depends onomniauth-facebookToGemfileIf you write inomniauth-oauth2AlsoomniauthAlsoWill be installed automatically..

    "gem'omniauth'Must also be installed "(omniauth-facebookIt doesn't work by itself), but it can be done without permission, so "for some reasonomniauthUnless you are in a situation where you want to specify its own versionGemfileThere is no problem even if you do not write in.