I'm using the editor vscode, which is inconvenient.

I've been investigating and including extensions, but the complementary function is useless.
It comes out like this, but only letters can be typed,

At least as my hope
php →
I want a complementary function.

I also want to erase the mysterious candidate that appears in the above image.

Since it is often used in wordpress etc. rather than writing gorigori code in php, in the description of html

<? php

Since I often use it, I often write.
Please help me.

―――――― Addendum ――――――――――――――――――――
PHP Intelephense
From the basic settings of vscode
"PHP suggest: basic"
"PHP validate: enable"
I have unchecked.

  • Answer # 1

    Preference>User Snippet

    For searchhtmlEnterhtml.jsonopen

      "php tag": {
            "prefix": "php",
            "body": "<? php $1?>"


  • Answer # 2

    Visual studio code php code snippet

    If you look up, you will find quite a few articles, so
    Investigate and try for yourself.

    However,phpFrom the character stringRegarding the complement of
    It looks like you'll have to create a snippet (like a shortcut) yourself.
    (As far as I investigated)
    What is not complemented by default (including the extension that the questioner put in)
    PHP normal syntaxIt seems that this is because most of the time it appears only once.

    If you look for an extension that embeds in HTML and makes heavy use of,
    Please investigate by changing the search keyword in various ways.

    However, although there are various extensions,
    Ultimately, if you pursue your own ideals, there are cases where the result is faster if you set it yourself.