Currently in trouble

I have set a password for root authority by command operation, but an authentication error occurs during GUI operation.

Detailed information

Created AWS instance

AWS service name: EC2
Instance type: m5.metal *
AMI used: Amazon Linux 2
* Recognition that VMware can be started because it is a bare meta instance.

Construction procedure
Step 1: Make EC2 work with GUI
→ Recognize the steps required to install VMware.

Step 2: Pick up the VMware boot image for Linux from the VMware site, store it in EC2, and install it by GUI operation.


Step 3: Install the packages required to start VMware

sudo yum update -y
sudo amazon-linux-extras install -y epel
sudo yum install -y g ++
sudo yum install -y gcc
sudo yum install kernel-headers-`uname -r` kernel-devel-`uname -r`

Step 4: Start VMware by GUI operation
→ I get angry that I need to authenticate super user authority.

Step 5: Grant root authority password by command operation
Reference site

Step 6: Execute the following command and confirm that you can get root authority with the set password.

[ec2-user @ ip-192-168-0-200 ~] $su
[root @ ip-192-168-0-200 ec2-user] # whoami
[root @ ip-192-168-0-200 ec2-user] #

Step 7: Start VMware again by GUI operation and enter the password of , but an authentication error occurs.
→ I also tried the following, but the result did not change.
Reboot the instance
Copy and paste the password entered in the text (considering the possibility that the keyboard is arranged in alphabetic characters when operating the GUI)

Why I want to do the above

The content of the question in this post is a means to achieve the purpose described below, and I would like to ask if there is a better and better way to achieve the purpose.

I want to run a binary image in .OVA format provided on the assumption that it will run on VMware on a server and share it with multiple people.
However, I would like to use a cloud service (AWS is the first priority) because the installation cost and operation of the physical server are difficult.

[Approach tried so far]
1) Check the operation of the provided .OVA format binary
It has been confirmed that it works on VMware in the Windows local environment.

2) Try it on AWS EC2 as a cloud service to run on the server

2-1) Use the EC2 import function→ It didn't work and I gave up.
→ .I tried it with OVA and failed with the following error message.
"StatusMessage": "ClientError: Disk validation failed [OVF file parsing error: Unsupported OVF format]"
→ I tried using the .vmdk image that unzipped the .OVA, but the following error occurred.
"StatusMessage": "ClientError: Unable to determine kernel version.",

2-2) Install VMware on bare meta EC2 and run it on it
→ I have a question in this post because the authentication of root authority when installing VMware did not work.

  • Answer # 1

    Regarding the problem of being asked for the password of root authority when installing VMware, I was able to overcome the problem of SSH connection with "ec2-user" by ssh connection with "root".

    → "Ssh to EC2 as root" procedure