I created a blog app with Ruby on Rails 6.
Deploy on AWS
Create an instance

I want to log in to EC2

Create a pem key and use keychain access
"An error has occurred. The item cannot be read."
Is displayed and I cannot see the downloaded key.

What I tried (hypothesis)

Keychain "An error has occurred. The item cannot be read."
When I searched, I referred to the link below.
Link content


I tried to refer to the link above, but nothing changed.
Is there any other cause? ??
I'm a beginner and I'm sorry for the lack of words, but I would like to hear from you.
Thanking you in advance!

Supplement 2
Creating an EC2 instance
$cd ~
$mkdir ~/.ssh
Create a directory called # .ssh
Even if you get an error saying #File exists, it means that the .ssh directory exists, so let's proceed.
$mv Downloads/Name of downloaded key .pem .ssh /
Use the # mv command to move the downloaded pem file from the download directory to the .ssh directory.
$cd .ssh /
# Make sure the pem file exists
$chmod 600 Name of downloaded key.pem
$ssh -i Downloaded key name.pem ec2-user @ Elastic IP associated with the created EC2 instance
# (For example, if your Elastic IP is 123.456.789, the command is ssh -i downloaded key name.pem [email protected])
# (Login as ec2-user using the downloaded key)