I have the following files and want to search only the string "html_ ●".

"Html_" must be the first, and there are 7 places after that, meaning that anything is OK.

I'm using notepad ++ and thought that the regular expression search mode was appropriate. Could you please tell me the correct description?

function html_A () {// 1st place
  html_B = html_B ();// 2nd and 3rd place
function html_B () {// 4th place
  X_html_B = X_html_B ();
function html_C () {// 5th place
  html_A2 = html_A2 ();// 6th and 7th places

If i translate this regular expression into Japanese

There is a space and the beginning starts with "html_"

I think that regular expression is


However, even if you enter it as shown in the image below and check the "Regular expression" radio button, the search result will be 0.

* Supplement

I'm sorry, I have space


I thought, but this was also useless.

Also, change the description at the beginning from "^" to "\ A"


I also tried.

  • Answer # 1

    simplyhtml_Isn't it enough to search only?

    In addition, it should be noted^ ^IsBeginning of lineis what it means.