We are proceeding with the rails tutorial.
I am using AWS cloud9.

git add
git commit
git merge
I proceeded without problems

$git push
fatal: unable to access'https://github.com/aaa/aaa.git/': Could not resolve host: github.com

Error occurred in the above command
Until yesterday, I was able to do the same operation without any problems, but suddenly I couldn't.

Did you lose your connection privileges because you couldn't connect to the repository, as you can guess from the error?

I would appreciate it if you could teach me.

I tried the following
-The tree was clean in git status.
-I was able to check the repository with git remote -v.
・ Proxy settings are not made for personal computers.
-The development environment has been restarted.

  • Answer # 1

    It stopped working due to overcapacity of cloud9.
    Currently, git push is possible with new environment construction and file migration.

  • Answer # 2

    You said you can't access that URL.
    Make sure it's correct.

    # The trailing slash seems to be superfluous

  • Answer # 3

    Could not resolve host

    Given the above message, it is likely that name resolution has failed.
    Are you using a virtual environment, etc.?
    Please review your DNS settings.