Please teach me how to install wordpress on multiple subdomains.

I have wordpress installed on two subdomains (temporarily sub1.hogehoge.com and sub2.hogehoge.com) on the same server, but it doesn't work.

In both cases, I want the site URL to not include subdirectories such as/wp /, but with the method of rewriting/copying index.php .htaccess, only one can be placed directly under the root, and one domain is/wp/It is in the state of being present.

Since sub1.hogehoge.com is running, I would like to install wordpress on sub2.hogehoge.com so that it will not be affected, but I would appreciate if you could teach me if there is any solution.

The area directly under the current route is as follows.
└ [www]
. ├ [wp1]
. ├ [wp2]
. └ index.php

The server is Sakura's rental server.

  • Answer # 1

    I do not know where the server is, but if it is a general rental server
    If you set a specific directory as the document root in the multi-domain setting
    You should be able to install only on subdomains that do not include subdirectory names.

  • Answer # 2

    Sakura Internet subdomain type WordPress installation procedure
    Is this helpful?